Supplier EDI

Successfully connect to your vendors and suppliers.

Many companies have benefited from using EDI to automate the flow of key business information between them and their suppliers. The following are some of the features of our Supplier EDI program that have made our customers successful using iConnect:

Supported remotely in a hosted environment with no software to install or maintain
A single source solution for all your EDI transport, translation and integration
Integration with your ERP solution
Compliance with GM/Ford MMOG/LE requirements
Complete project management
Supplier contacting and onboarding
A monthly subscription with no long-term contract
Real time, event driven solution
Support available 24/7
iConnect’s Tier 1 Value Added Network (VAN)
Web Forms to view data in a human readable format and for backup

To learn more, please request our presentation "The Benefits of EDI with your Suppliers and How to Achieve Them!" at