Managed EDI Services

A hosted EDI solution seamlessly integrated with your ERP system.

iConnect’s Managed EDI Services provides for full integration of your EDI data to your ERP system, back-end solution or an Excel spreadsheet. Some of the benefits of using iConnect’s Managed EDI Services include:

Supported remotely in a hosted environment with no software to install or maintain
A single source solution for all your EDI transport, translation and integration
Integration for all your trading partners and all their documents
A monthly subscription with no long-term contract
Real time, event driven solution
Email notifications of time critical events
Support available 24/7
iConnect’s Tier 1 Value Added Network (VAN)
Solution for EDI with both customers and suppliers
Mapping and integration from any data format to any data format
Web Forms to view data in a human readable format and for ASN backup

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